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        We're committed to powering a sustainable future through the generation of clean energy from natural resources. As the leading solar energy solutions provider in Sri Lanka, we offer a wide range of services including the design, installation, and maintenance of solar power systems for residential, SMB, industrial, and large MW projects.

     At Ads Solar, a subsidiary of DS Capital Resources Pvt Ltd, we are driven by our commitment to a sustainable future. As a leading solar energy solutions provider in Sri Lanka, we offer a comprehensive range of services. From designing and installing solar power systems to providing maintenance support, we cater to residential, SMB, industrial, and large MW projects. With DS Capital Resources' expertise in importing solar panels and inverters, as well as executing major projects globally, we ensure top-quality solutions for our clients. Together, we are transforming the way energy is generated and consumed for a greener world.


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Citification Document For Solar PV Rooftop Programme


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Covering Areas

ADS Solar provides a range of solar-related projects in Sri Lanka, including solar PV installations, solar water heating systems, solar street lighting, and solar-powered irrigation systems across Colombo, Gampaha, Kandy, Jaffna, and more.


ADS Solar offers residential solar solutions, including rooftop solar panels and solar water heaters, for sustainable and cost-effective energy use.

Solar Hot Water

ADS Solar provides high-quality solar hot water systems for homes and businesses, helping to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

SMB Projects

Provide corporate governance, helping clients manage rADS Solar supports SMBs by offering tailored solar solutions to help reduce energy costs, increase efficiency, and contribute to sustainable business practices. responsibilities of running a corporate responsibilities financial field.

Ground Mounting Projects

We offer ground mounting solutions for solar PV systems, providing a stable and secure platform for maximum energy production.

Industrial Projects

ADS supports industrial projects to reduce carbon footprint through customized solar solutions, ensuring sustainable and cost-effective operations for businesses.

Special Projects

ADS Solar provides customized solutions for special projects such as the Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA), ensuring efficient and reliable solar power systems to meet their specific needs.

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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise


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